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Part of our modular hydrogen refueling station (HRS) solution, our industry leading dispenser technology is based on our field proven Encore dispensing platform and is built to offer the highest reliability, scalability, and performance for a seamless and safe transition to H2.

All-in-one design

Maximize your investment and make efficient use of available space with the all-in-one dispensing system. Featuring up to two complete fueling positions in only ‘one box’, as well as integrated payment, chilling, metering, flow control, and fueling algorithm according to SAE J2601 or J2601-2 protocols, our hydrogen dispensing system packs all the necessary dispensing technology into one compact footprint.


  • Designed with uptime in mind: Built, installed, monitored, and serviced by the compressed gases experts.
  • Modular and scalable: Expand and diversify your alternative fueling infrastructure over time.
  • Highly configurable: Choice of 35 or 70 MPa, single/dual sided, one/two hose(s) per side, and lane or island-oriented.
  • User friendly: Familiar design with the latest payment technology and multimedia ready.


  • Choice of single or dual sided, one or two hoses per side, lane or island-oriented design
  • 350 or 700 bar filling pressure available as standard flow or high flow to suit a variety of vehicle types and refueling profiles
  • Multi-pressure and split flow configurations available
  • Multiple nozzle and safety breakaway configurations available
  • Coriolis mass flow metering for dispensing accuracy
  • Integrated, EMV ready payment terminal
  • Multimedia display with 15" colour display with Money-Mass-PPU information

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