Islander PRIME fleet fuel management system

Best In Class Fuel Management Technology

The Gasboy Islander PRIME is the best-in-class fleet fuel management system enabling forecourt
automation with flexible fueling authorizations.. Islander PRIME records all site activities: transactions, inventories, and authorizations. It controls the forecourt: dispensers, payment terminals and fuel tanks.  PRIME Integrate seamlessly with the EKOS cloud software for real-time management.

Islander PRIME Features

Modern User Interface
  • Provides a wide range of authorization and secure payment methods
  • Improves the driver fueling experience with the bright color display and alphanumeric keypad
Powerful Data Management
  • Stores a large number of users and transactions
  • Enables ultra fast download speeds
Scalable Pump Control
  • Controls one dispenser for single sites or many dispensers for the largest fleet operation
  • Connects to almost any fuel dispenser type

Complete Control Over Your Entire Fueling Operation

Gasboy's Islander PRIME ties together all of the critical equipment at your fuel site including vehicles, dispensers, fuel tanks, and tank gages.  Comprehensive data is communicated to the EKOS cloud for real time tracking and analytics.  

Islander PRIME gives you control over your fuel inventory by providing access control which eliminates unauthorized fueling.  It enables fuel tank inventory reconciliation alerting you to potential leaks, calibration issues, delivery discrepancies, or theft.

Is Islander PRIME right for your forecourt?


Secure EMV Credit Payment

When equipped with the EMV option, the Islander™ PRIME becomes a secure standalone payment terminal that does not require an additional POS (Point-of-Sale) system. The Islander PRIME EMV’s hybrid card reader allows retailers to securely manage payment transactions with both magnetic stripe and chip cards. Gasboy's EMV system accepts all major credit cards, most fleet cards, as well as customer proprietary cards.  Gasboy’s Islander PRIME EMV is perfect for unattended retail fueling applications like cardlocks, co-ops, airports, and marinas.

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Are your payments secure?

Retailers seek to reduce risks from chargebacks and fraudulent charges

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Military Grade Data Security

Data security is paramount to your organization.  Gasboy's Islander PRIME employs data encryption so secure, it's approved by the US Military.  Trust Gasboy to keep your data safe and secure.  


Islander PRIME Product Features

Standard Features Modular Options EMV Secure Payment Features
4.3” Multimedia Color Display Insert magnetic card reader Insert style Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) reads both chip and magnetic stripe cards
Contactless Mifare Tag Reader Compact printer 16 key pin pad with graphic display and anti-tamper features
Alphanumeric 40 key Keypad HID card/tag reader Certified for EMV credit transactions on all major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover
TCP/IP Communication Built-in Wireless Gateway when integrated with FuelPoint Accepts fleet cards including WEX, Voyager, Fuelman
Built-in Web Server for remote control and maintenance Internal Barcode scanner Accepts proprietary magnetic stripe cards
Controls 64 Electronic Hoses External Hand Held Barcode Scanner Approved on the National Bankcard Services (NBS) Payment Network
Controls Up to 8 Mechanical Hoses Stainless Steel and/ or ADA Pedestal  
  ICR PRIME model available for satellite configurations