Fuel Management for Mobile Fueling


Truck PRIME is a mobile fueling system that takes your fuel management system wherever it needs to go - to heavy or stationary equipment - via tanker truck.  Truck PRIME stores transaction information and uploads it to the EKOS cloud for real time access to fueling data.  It’s the ideal mobile fueling system solution. Contact your Gasboy distributor to see how you can take control of your fleet management system.


Housed in a modern ruggedized box, the Truck PRIME features cushioning shock absorbers that dampen vibrations in severe driving environments.


Truck PRIME fully integrates into your mobile fuel truck, so it goes wherever you fuel vehicles or equipment.


Save time fueling vehicles or equipment.  Gasboy's Truck PRIME automates mobile fueling saving time and increasing transaction accuracy. 


Truck PRIME features several simple driver authorization methods:  LED tag reader, Wi-Fi for the new mobile app, and a wireless gateway for use with the Gasboy FuelPoint PLUS system.  The LED tag reader is a simple and effective way to identify drivers and vehicles.  Truck PRIME is available with an internal cellular modem for cloud connectivity for real-time tracking.


Truck PRIME UX features a built in user interface with a bright color display and an alpha numeric keypad.   The Truck PRIME UX has an integrated contactless tag reader, a card reader for proprietary cards, Wi-Fi for mobile app connectivity, and a wireless gateway to enable Gasboy FuelPoint.  The alpha numeric keypad can be used to authorize drivers or collect vehicle information like odometer readings.

Eliminate Manual Tracking

Still using a clipboard to record mobile fueling transactions?  Automate the mobile fueling process with the Gasboy Truck PRIME.  Truck PRIME automatically records the gallons dispensed and vehicle information for each fueling event and communicates it to the EKOS cloud in real-time.  Automated fueling transactions eliminate inaccurate or unclear fueling information.

Gasboy Fuel & Drive Mobile App

With Wi-Fi enabled capability, fueling operators can use the Fuel & Drive app on their mobile devices to select the vehicle, pre-select fuel volume, record odometer readings, and view final transaction data.  With the Fuel & Drive app, there are no other cards, tags or other devices for drivers to carry.  The Fuel & Drive app is available for both Android and IOS devices.  

  Truck PRIME Truck PRIME UX
Proprietary Card Reader NA Standard
Contactless Mifare Tag Reader Optional Standard
Alphanumeric Keypad NA Standard
Wireless Gateway for FuelPoint Optional Optional
Wi-Fi for Mobile App Optional Optional
Integrated Cellular Communication Optional Optional
Mechanical Hoses 2 (4) 2 (4)
Transaction Capacity 2,500 2,500
Device Capacity 500 500