EKOS Software

EKOS is the end-to-end cloud based platform that provides Fleet Managers with visibility of their fleet equipment, fuel management processes, inventory monitoring, compliance, and reporting.

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Fuel Truck Controller

A mobile fueling system that takes your fuel management system wherever it needs to go- to heavy or stationary equipment- via tanker truck.

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DataPass PLUS

Automatically capture vehicle information and driver behavior directly from the vehicle. So, you can proactively manage your fleet vehicles and drivers based on accurate information.

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TLS-4 Series Automatic Tank Gauge Family

The TLS-4 Series Automatic Tank Gauges provide comprehensive fuel site data for advanced fuel asset and compliance management.

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FuelPoint® PLUS

Secure your fuel. The Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS system uses secure RFID communication to automatically identify vehicles that belong to your fleet.

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Islander PRIME

Best-in-class homebase controller and an all-in-one standalone pedestal enabling forecourt automation with flexible fueling authorizations

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Atlas 9800K

Built to handle the rigors of the fleet and commercial environment, the Atlas platform offers a wide range of models and flow rates for all fuel types.

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Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps

The industry's most advanced turbine pumps - delivering the highest efficiency, fuel flow and lowest power consumption.

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We Are Gasboy.

Gasboy is the leading brand of equipment and turnkey solutions for fleet operators. Gasboy fleet management systems include the industry's most comprehensive selection of commercial electronic and mechanical fuel dispensers, site controllers, fleet management software, island card readers and cardlock systems, and wireless vehicle identification systems. Solutions provide 24-hour unattended fueling capabilities to fleets and retail marketers. Gasboy provides innovative, efficient, cost-effective solutions to meet your needs for fueling, controlling, and managing your fleet.

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EKOS: Enterprise SaaS Platform, Fuel & Fleet Management Software

Gasboy’s Cloud Hosted Fuel Management solution is an end-to-end platform that provides Fleet Managers with visibility of their fleet equipment, fuel management processes, inventory monitoring, and reporting. It provides an expanded solution from the site to the software platform and offers fleet managers the power and flexibility to manage their sites, control distribution, and monitor fuel levels. Additionally, EKOS has the capabilities to manage multiple sites and fleets from one central point, maximizing fleet efficiency and minimizing fleets’ fueling expenses.

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Islander PRIME:
Sophisticated, Reliable, Fleet Fuel Management System

Islander™ PRIME fleet fuel management system combines the functionality of a sophisticated island fleet card reader in a single package hardened for the fuel island. PRIME Integrates seamlessly with other system components including EKOS and Fleet Head Office management software, also with unattended, remote and automated fueling systems. Create the most reliable, comprehensive turnkey fleet fuel management system on the market.

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Islander PRIME EMV

When equipped with the EMV option, the Islander™ PRIME becomes a secure standalone payment terminal that does not require an additional POS (Point-of-Sale) system.

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Fuel Control System

The Atlas® PRIME is a fully integrated Fuel Controller and dispenser together in one unit. The newest Gasboy development integrates the Gasboy authorization terminal into the Atlas electronic dispenser platform. Equipped with a large, user-friendly, 40-key full alpha-numeric keypad with a 4.3" high-brightness LCD color screen which allows for full fleet management directly from the pump. The integrated unit includes MiFare contactless reader and an insert magnetic card reader, with optional HID reader for multiple authorization methods.

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Atlas Series Commercial Dispensers:
Time tested. Future approved.

The Atlas line of commercial dispensers is built to handle the rigors of the fleet and commercial environment. The Atlas platform offers a wide range of models and flow rates in both electronic and mechanical configurations that can be used in either an underground or aboveground tank application.

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