Cloud-connected fuel management software

Elevate your fleet fuel operations with a new EKOSystem

EKOS fuel management solution is an end-to-end platform that provides Fleet Managers with visibility of their fleet equipment, fuel management processes, inventory monitoring, and reporting. It provides an expanded solution from the site to the software platform and offers fleet managers the power and flexibility to manage their sites, control distribution, and monitor fuel levels from one central point, maximizing fleet efficiency and minimizing fueling expenses.

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EKOS Software Modules

Bulk Fuel
Bulk Fuel

Order and dispatch fuel for your sites. EKOS provides a buying window allowing you to manage your inventory. Centralized document repository is used to aide in reconciliation of bulk fuel orders and the ability to monitor bulk fuel quotes against a Fair Fuel Index.

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Fuel Sites
Fuel Sites

Monitor and know the status of your fleet equipment at a glance. EKOS stores all your equipment in one central place. By utilizing EKOS, you can efficiently and effectively monitor Fuel Sites and Inventory. EKOS uses a fuel loss prevention program to make sure you don’t lose fuel. Site inspections can be done from your mobile device.

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Fuel Cards
Fuel Cards

Manage your transactions, inventories, and reports with a universal fleet card. EKOS helps you keep track of your fleet and equipment services. EKOS consolidates all card transactions and places them into one grid for your convenience.

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Manage all aspects of your fleet including vehicles, inspections, repairs, technicians, parts, warehouses, vendors, tools, and reports. Perform onsite and offsite transaction consolidation. EKOS helps you keep track of all your parts and manage all your work orders from your mobile device.

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Real-Time Visibility

Enable digital transformation at scale with visibility across facilities, fleets, and end-customer services.

  • Centralize site management across expansive or dispersed sites
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Spend less time passively monitoring your fleet and site assets
  • Identify process or operational inefficiencies

Workflows and Reporting

Automate workflows and increase productivity by transforming real-time data into actionable insights.

  • Empower drivers with intuitive workflows
  • Streamline compliance reporting
  • Make dispatch decisions with real-time data
  • Build seamless processes by going paperless

Integrated End-to-End Ecosystem

Simplify your fuel operations by unifying data between logistics, sales, maintenance, reporting and more.

  • Discover ways to streamline your operations
  • Increase your business without increasing costs
  • Reduce administrative tasks in the field and the office
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies with end-to-end visibility

Is wet stock reconciliation slowing you down?

EKOS for Fuel Operations Management