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  • Atlas 9100K Series Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas 9100K Series

    The Atlas® 9100K Series fleet fuel dispenser uses a traditional mechanical register and delivers dependable performance in nearly any fleet...

  • Atlas 9800K Series Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas 9800K Series

    The Atlas® 9800K Series fleet fuel dispenser product line offers standard-, high-, super high, and ultra high-speed electronic commercial dispensers....

  • 9850K Ultra-hi Flow Series

    9850K Ultra-hi Flow Series

    The Atlas® 9850K Series Ultra-hi product is available in pump, dispenser, and combo models. It’s the right product when high capacity fuel delivery....

  • Satellite - 9216K

    Satellite - 9216K

    General purpose Satellite for use with Atlas or other master dispensers. Front load lane oriented nozzle boots. Convenient for toll gate island layout....

  • DEF - 9862KX

    DEF - 9862KX

    Integrate Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into your existing fleet management system with the Gasboy Atlas (DEF) dispenser available in heated or unheated....

  • Atlas Electronic E85 - 9872KX

    Atlas Electronic E85 - 9872KX

    Both models are Weights and Measures approved and use a stainless steel Coriolis Mass Flow meter with no moving parts for exceptional accuracy....

  • ASTRA Electronic AST- 9823K

    ASTRA Electronic AST- 9823K

    ASTRA 9823K is a split remote pump with electronic display register and nozzle hang-up for easy access and volume read-out viewing – at just the right....