Gasboy AtlasX 9800 Electronic Series

Introducing AtlasX Next-Gen Commercial Fueling

Introducing AtlasX 9800G commercial series. Leveraging the strength of our legacy Atlas and Encore brands, AtlasX pumps and dispensers offer centralized, optimized, and efficient commercial refueling.   

The AtlasX electronic series is built with anodized aluminum profiles that enable greater durability without welding points. The AtlasX electronic dispenser incorporates enhanced security features and real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.

The Gasboy electronic dispenser is equipped with advanced electronic metering technology, ensuring accurate and precise fuel measurements. 

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ATLASX Electronic Dispenser FEATURES


Multiple new and enhanced standard features expertly designed by the experts in commercial refueling. Get ready for industry leading durability, reliability, serviceability and connectivity. 


Taller, sleeker design for improved ergonomics and experience for site operators and drivers alike. Bring your site into the future with a dispensing platform that not only performs but looks ready to serve future refueling needs too. 


Long-lasting, durable design with modern components and web connectivity for remote management and easy software updates. Ready to support you on your fleet decarbonization journey with biofuels and new fuels blends. 

AtlasX Hi Flow Dispenser Configurations

Model NumberDescriptionTypeHosesProductsRegisterPump/MotorFlow Rating
9853GHi-flow Single PumpPump11Elec122 gpm
9853GTW1MHi-flow Twin 1 PumpPump21Elec222 gpm
9853GTW2Hi-flow Twin 2 PumpPump22Elec222 gpm
9853GXHi-flow Single DispenserDispenser11ElecN/A22 gpm
9853GXTW1Hi-flow Twin 1 DispenserDispenser21ElecN/A22 gpm
9853GXTW2Hi-flow Twin 2 DispenserDispenser22ElecN/A22 gpm

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