Mobilize and monetize your EV charging network with the only end-to-end e-Mobility Platform designed for the unique business needs of fuel retailers.

Leveraging the latest cloud technology, EVerse facilitates seamless, integrated EV charging management for fuel retail networks. An optional EVerse driver app enriches your service offering while unlocking powerful data and revenue generating opportunities.

A fully connected EV charging ecosystem

Why choose EVerse?

EVerse takes the stress and hassle out of electrifying your network. Backed by all the tools you need to build EV charging into your business, EVerse can get your charging operation online and profitable in no time.

From hardware, to software, and all the advice and support in between, our in-house e-Mobility team have you covered.

  • Simple and complete EV charging solutions
  • Seamless to onboard and integrate
  • Scalable and flexible as your EV business grows
  • Sensible investment to unlock new revenue streams
Simple off the shelf solution

Software trusted by networks worldwide*

  • 100,000+ Plugs Managed

  • 10 Million+ Charging transactions supported

  • Used by over 700,000 drivers

  • Presence in 18 Countries worldwide

*Based on software vendor data

How does it work?

Charging Operations Management

Charging Operations Management

User-friendly dashboard to oversee your charging operations, from anywhere, at any time

  • Visual operator dashboards
  • Manage your charge points and locations remotely
  • Monitor usage and location performance
  • Automated alert management system
  • Proactive problem resolution powered by self-healing algorithms
  • Open charge point protocol (OCPP)
  • Wide range of charging hardware supported
EVerse Driver App

EVerse Driver App

Attract, impress and retain customers with the EVerse driver app. Pair the EVerse charger management platform with the EVerse end-user app to access valuable driver insights, and open your business to new revenue streams.

Payments and Billing

Payments and Billing

Flexible, user-friendly billing engine takes the stress out of accepting payments

  • Set your own pricing and tariffs (per minute, per kW/h, etc)
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Various payment methods supported (credit cards, mobile pay, app etc)
  • Automated billing of charging sessions via the app

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