Certified Technician Training

2019 Gasboy Training Schedule

Contact the below Market Service Managers for class registration information.

1/14/2019 - 1/18/2019 Byron, MI Rob Lasswell 336-547-3122
2/4/2019 - 2/8/2019 Honolulu, HI Chris Dehoney 336-315-2898
2/25/2019 - 3/1/2019 San Antonio, TX Rob Lasswell 336-547-3263
3/18/2019 - 3/22/2019 Denver, CO Chris Dehoney 336-315-2898
4/8/2019 - 4/12/2019 Winston-Salem, NC Jim Rogers 336-547-5065
4/22/2019 - 4/26/2019 Raleigh, NC Jim Rogers 336-547-5065
5/6/2019 - 5/10/2019 Winston-Salem, NC Jim Rogers 336-547-5065
6/3/2019 - 6/7/2019 Calgary, AB Adam Grasso 336-547-3395
6/17/2019 - 6/19/2019 Guadalajara, Jalisco Pete Moyer 757-215-5893
6/24/2019 - 6/28/2019 Bethel Island, CA Chris Dehoney 336-315-2898
7/15/2019 - 7/19/2019 Dayton, OH Jim Rogers 336-547-5065
7/29/2019 - 8/02/2019 San Antonio, TX Rob Lasswell 336-547-3263
8/12/2019 - 8/16/2019 Franklin, MA Adam Grasso 336-547-3395
8/26/2019 - 8/30/2019 Rivera Beach, FL Jim Rogers 336-547-5065
9/9/2019 - 9/13/2019 Greensboro, NC Jim Rogers 336-547-5065
9/30/2019 - 10/4/2019 Dallas, TX Rob Lasswell 336-547-3263
10/28/2019 - 11/01/2019 West Palm Beach, FL Jim Rogers 336-547-5065

Certified Technician Training

We offer manufacturer-authorized training in a variety of different products using three distinct methods:

  • Self-paced, home study courses
  • Classes taught by professional staff trainers
  • Classes taught in various geographical regions in the U.S.

Learning Management System

Our system employs the use of an online Learning Management System (LMS) to administer, assess, and track all training courses and certifications. All students must be able to access the Internet via a broadband connection and a Windows-based PC. 

All students must have a current and valid personal email address. The Training Department will communicate with the student directly with course instructions and administrative matters. Students without an email address can easily obtain a free email address through online services such as Yahoo, MSN, and Hotmail. The Training Department does not officially endorse or recommend any particular service.

All technicians will receive a new LMS technician number. This number will reference ALL of the technician’s training records across all product lines. The technician will use this number when calling Technical Support or the Training Department. 

Regardless of the course into which a student is enrolled, he or she must successfully complete the online LMS orientation course prior to being able to complete a certification course; this will be in addition to any other prerequisites of an individual course. The orientation course is 15-30 minutes in length and includes a test which must be passed with an 80% or greater score.

The student will be solely responsible for the following with regard to the Learning Management System:

  • Keeping vital statistics updated (address, phone, e-mail, and so on) within the system.
  • Having their Service Manager notify the Training Department when changing employment (student may not change this themselves in the LMS)
  • Printing their own certifications (the Training Department no longer mails certification diplomas or cards*). The Technician’s Technician number appears on each certificate.
  • Maintaining certification (all Gasboy products require some type of recertification – see RECERTIFICATION below).


All self-paced and Gasboy staff-led courses will require that tuition be paid in advance of the course. For these courses, all necessary electronic documentation and online fees are included in the tuition amount. Because of state tax requirements, paper-based manuals may require an additional fee (which will be taxed according to the location of the student). See Course Registration Form for pricing.
Make your check payable to and mail to:

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Technical Training
Mail Stop F-43
P.O. Box 22087
Greensboro, NC 27420-2087

We do not regulate tuition costs for Distributor-based Certified Trainers (CT). Tuition for CT-taught courses may vary according to the geographic location of the trainer or other factors. See the attached CT Matrix and contact them directly for tuition amounts or scheduling information. Tuition for CT courses will be sent directly to the Certified Trainer.


  • Applies ONLY to Factory Classroom-taught Courses. The Training Registrar must be notified at least one week in advance of the course to receive refund of tuition. Gilbarco cannot be held responsible for penalties incurred by airline ticket cancellations or schedule changes.
  • Occasionally (but not often), emergencies or low enrollment in a class will force us to cancel. We will contact you with no less than two weeks’ notice in this event. Do not book non-refundable airline tickets.


  • Many Certified Technical Training courses require you to complete an online module prior to attending the training event. If this is required, the student MAY NOT attend the instructor-led session until the online course has been completed, regardless of the distance traveled. No refunds will be made for students who do not successfully complete the online coursework.


  • All Certified Technical Training courses require you to periodically recertify via online testing or other method. The certifications and methods are as follows:
    • Gasboy Product Line
    • Certification, Length of Certification, Method of Recertification Cost
    • Fleet Systems 1-year, online testing N/C


Address all inquiries regarding Gasboy Technical Training to: technicaltraining@gilbarco.com, or by U.S. mail to:

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Inc. Technical Training
Mail Stop F-43
P.O. Box 22087
Greensboro, NC 27420-2087

For course registration, mail payments with registration form to:

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Technical Training
Mail Stop F-43
PO Box 22087
Greensboro, NC 27420-2087

For training records and certification information e-mail the registrar at technicaltraining@gilbarco.com.


*See Optional Certification Card Order Form