Simple, Reliable

General purpose Satellite for use with Atlas or other master dispensers. Front load lane-oriented nozzle boots. Convenient for toll gate island layout to fuel from both sides of fueling lane. Perfect companion to Atlas masters for saddle tank refueling.

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Easy Use

Lane-oriented nozzles offer easy, saddle-tank fueling or side-load fueling for conventional islands


Available in pump or dispenser style models, this heavy-duty, steel frame dispenser is designed for the fleet market

Ultra Fast

Rated at 50 gallons per minute (GPM) with a LC meter, dispensing fuel has never been faster or more accurate. 


Increase fuel efficiencies by integrating your cloud-connected software with you dispensers

Atlas Satellite Dispenser Configurations

Model Number Description Type Hoses Products Register Pump/Motor
9216K Satellite Satellite 1 1 None N/A
9216KTW Satellite Satellite 2 1 None N/A

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