Atlas Mechanical Retails Dispenser

Reliability for your Retail Needs

The Atlas® 8700K Series retail fuel dispenser uses a traditional mechanical computer and delivers dependable performance in nearly any application. The high-flow mechanical retail units are available in pump and dispenser models. Add the money or volume Pulse Output option to communicate with most fuel controllers. Brand panel lights and internal hose retrievers are standard. 

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Atlas Mechanical Retail Dispenser Configurations

Model Number Description Type Hoses Products Register Pump/Motor Flow Rating
8753K Hi-flow Single Pump Pump 1 1 Mech 1 22 gpm
8752KTW1 Std-flow Twin 1 Pump Pump 2 1 Mech 1 15 gpm
8753KTW1M Hi-flow Twin 1 Pump Pump 2 1 Mech 2 22 gpm
8753KTW2 Hi-flow Twin 2 Pump Pump 2 2 Mech 2 22 gpm
8753KX Hi-flow Single Dispenser Dispenser 1 1 Mech N/A 22 gpm
8753KXTW1 Hi-flow Twin 1 Dispenser Dispenser 2 1 Mech N/A 22 gpm
8753KXTW2 Hi-flow Twin 2 Dispenser Dispenser 2 2 Mech N/A 22 gpm

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