Secure Payments | EMV for Islander PRIME

Secure Payments | EMV for Islander PRIME

Gasboy’s Islander PRIME is now available for EMV payment.

The Gasboy Islander™ PRIME is the best-in-class homebase controller. It is an all-in-one standalone pedestal that enables forecourt automation with flexible fueling authorizations.

When equipped with the EMV option, the Islander™ PRIME becomes a secure standalone payment terminal that does not require an additional POS (Point-of-Sale) system. The Islander PRIME EMV’s hybrid card reader allows retailers to securely manage payment transactions with both magnetic and chip cards. Gasboy’s Islander PRIME EMV is perfect for unattended retail fueling applications like cardlocks, co-ops, airports, and marinas.

Why EMV?

Developed by the major card brands, EMV is a globally recognized security standard for credit card transactions. The standard requires EMV approved card readers that read the chip on credit cards rather than the magnetic stripe. In April 2021, liability for fraud at retail fueling locations shifted from the card providers to the retailers. When upgrading to EMV standards, both retailers and consumers are protected. The Islander PRIME EMV protects retailers from the risk of chargebacks as a result of fraudulent transactions. Additionally, the Islander PRIME EMV solution provides consumers with the assurance that their valuable credit card information is protected.


Islander EMV PRIME Specifications

  • Insert style Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) reads both chip and magnetic stripe cards
  • 16 key pin pad with graphic display and anti-tamper features
  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant
  • Certified for EMV credit transactions on all major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover
  • Accepts fleet cards including WEX, Voyager, Fuelman
  • Accepts proprietary magnetic stripe cards
  • Approved on the National Bankcard Services (NBS) Payment Network

Available for new Gasboy systems and field retrofits 

  • New Islander and Island Card Reader (ICR) PRIME available with the factory-installed EMV option, including hybrid card reader and pin pad
  • EMV retrofits for currently installed Islander/ICR PRIME systems
Islander EMV PRIME Specifications