FuelPoint® PLUS

fuel point plus


Automatic Vehicle Identification: Simple to use with maximum fuel security

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Fleet Fueling Features:

  •  Ease of use- just insert the nozzle and begin fueling
  •  System collects vehicle data with no need for fueler to input anything
  •  All vehicle transaction data automatically captured and sent to the database
  •  Security maximization- ensures that fuel will only be dispensed to the intended tank, and with the right fuel type and grade

FuelPoint® PLUS: Reduce fraud, fueling time, cross-fueling

FuelPoint® PLUS is an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) RFID fueling solution, where the vehicle becomes the means of authorization with the installation of a simple device. An easily mounted RFID unit, installed next to the fuel inlet, enables immediate fueling authorization when the nozzle is inserted into the fuel inlet. FuelPoint® PLUS ensures fuel only goes into the authorized vehicle’s intended tank.




DataPass PLUS: Automated capture of vehicle data


The DataPass PLUS is a simple plug and play device that allows your fleet and fuel managers to automatically collect accurate odometer and engine hour data. By removing the need for the fueler to input data you remove the potential data errors associated.

In addition, the DataPass collects vehicle fault code data which can be automatically exported to your CMMS system. This allows your fleet techs to pull in a vehicle before scheduled PM to increase safety and reduce costly downtime.

Since the DataPass and Fuel Point RFID identification system are not wired together, the solution can be customized to your immediate needs. DataPass can be added to the FuelPoint® PLUS RFID solution up front or as a later addition. Keeping you in control.