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Commercial Fuel Dispensers & Fleet Fueling Systems

  • Atlas 9100K Series Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas 9100K Series

    The Atlas® 9100K Series fleet fuel dispenser uses a traditional mechanical register and delivers dependable performance in nearly any fleet...

  • Atlas 9800K Series Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas 9800K Series

    The Atlas® 9800K Series fleet fuel dispenser product line offers standard-, high-, super high, and ultra high-speed electronic commercial dispensers....

  • Atlas E85 Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas E85 and Alternative Fuels

    All Gasboy Atlas® fleet fuel dispensers are designed to perform in the demanding fleet and commercial environment ― whatever the...

  • 215A & 216A Series Satellite

    215A & 216A Series Satellite

    215A & 216A work with Gasboy master dispensers to let your drivers fill saddle tanks on both sides of their...

  • Atlas® DEF dispenser

    Atlas DEF

    Integrating Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into your existing fleet management system is an exciting new business opportunity that’s easy with...

  • Atlas AST Customized Pumping Solutions from Gasboy

    Atlas AST

    The industry’s only customized pumping solution that Weights & Measures can seal for custody transfer/retail sale applications. They can be...