Fuel Management Solutions

Meet the Gasboy Fuel Controller Family

The Gasboy Fuel Controllers electronically lock all dispensers and pumps thereby ensuring that only appropriately authorized vehicles and assets receive the required fuel or lubricants. Gilbarco Veeder-Root is not just a fuel control hardware supplier, we are a fuel management entity, and our breadth of technology and products have made us the industry leader in managing every drop of fuel, every day. No other entity can offer the same end-to-end capabilities on the fuel spectrum, and our value to organizations- both large and small- has been demonstrated time and time again.

islander prime

Islander PRIME

Islander PRIME fuel management system combines the functionality of an advanced web-based site fuel controller and a sophisticated island fleet card reader in a single package hardened for the fuel island. The Islander PRIME system is an ultra-reliable, comprehensive turnkey fleet fuel management system with most advanced fleet control technology on the market.

cfn plus


CFN™ PLUS is a cost-effective Gasboy solution for fleet and commercial applications where you may have multiple islands or dispensers with card readers already installed. It ties together your fleet management software, Atlas® dispensers, ICR PRIME island card readers, FuelPoint® Plus wireless vehicle identification system, and more with seamless integration.

fuel truck controller

Fuel Truck Controller

The Fuel Truck Controller is a mobile fueling system that takes your fuel management system wherever it needs to go — to heavy or stationary equipment — via tanker truck. Fully compatible with the other Gasboy fleet management components, Fuel Truck Controller stores transaction information and uploads it into the Fuel Management Software when the tanker truck returns to the fuel island.

icr prime

Island Card Reader (ICR) PRIME

Gasboy’s ICR PRIME island card reader provides the kind of flexibility that works whether your operation is basic or sophisticated. Gasboy® ICR PRIME works in tandem with either Islander PRIME or CFN PLUS to provide a cost-effective way to manage access to fuel at multiple islands and unattended sites. Flexible. Efficient. It’s part of your Gasboy complete, turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet product distributors and authorized service contractors.

fuel points plus

FuelPoint® PLUS

The Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS system uses secure RFID communication to automatically identify vehicles that belong to your fleet and captures vehicle information and driver behavior directly from the vehicle. The FuelPoint® PLUS system helps you to proactively manage preventive maintenance for your vehicles based on accurate mileage and error codes.