Fleet Management & POS

Fleet Management & POS Systems

Point of Sale Systems & Software for Fleet Fuel Management

Gasboy's fleet management systems and POS fleet management software give you the power to account for every ounce of fuel used in managing your fleet. Whether you manage vehicles for a trucking company, heavy construction equipment operation, marina, airport, government or municipality, Gasboy's fleet fuel management solutions provide you with the ability to manage fuel and maintenance for every vehicle in your fleet. Take advantage of one of the industry's leading fueling systems with Gasboy.

  • Islander PLUS Fuel Fleet Management System

    Islander PLUS

    Islander™ PLUS fleet fuel management system combines the functionality of the advanced web-based site fuel controller CFN PLUS and the...

  • TopKAT PLUS Fleet & Fuel Management System


    Economical, easy-to-use TopKAT PLUS is a standalone fleet and fuel management system...

  • ICR PLUS Island Card Reader


    Gasboy’s ICR PLUS island card reader gives you lots of ways to control driver access to your fuel. Drivers can...

  • Fuel Point PLUS – Wireless Vehicle ID System

    Fuel Point PLUS

    The Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS system uses radio communication to automatically identify vehicles that belong to your fleet. It also automatically...

  • Fuel Truck Controller

    Fuel Truck Controller

    Fuel Truck Controller is a mobile fueling system that takes your fuel management system wherever it needs to go —...

  • Fleet Head Office Software

    Fleet Head Office Software

    The Gasboy web-based Fleet Head Office Software not only consolidates data from multiple sites and generates superior fuel management and...



    CFN™ PLUS is the heart of your total, turnkey Gasboy solution for fleet and commercial applications. It ties together your...