ICR PRIME - Island Card Reader

ICR PRIME - Island Card Reader to Manage Fuel Access at Unattended Sites

Gasboy’s ICR PRIME island card reader gives you lots of ways to control driver access to your fuel. Drivers can use codes, magnetic stripe cards, Mifare RFID tags or wireless vehicle identification systems that automatically capture VIN and odometer information directly from the vehicle. It’s the kind of flexibility that works whether your operation is basic or sophisticated. Gasboy® ICR PLUS works in tandem with CFN PLUS to provide a cost-effective way to manage access to fuel at multiple islands and unattended sites. Flexible. Efficient. It’s part of your Gasboy complete, turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet product distributors and authorized service contractors.

  • Compatible with a variety of different driver and vehicle access methods
  • Cost-effective solution for multiple fuel islands
  • Hardened for the tough fleet environment