Satellite - 9216K


Gasboy Atlas Satellite: Simple.  Reliable.

General purpose Satellite for use with Atlas or other master dispensers. Front load lane-oriented nozzle boots. Convenient for toll gate island layout to fuel from both sides of fueling lane. Perfect companion to Atlas masters for saddle tank refueling.



Fast, convenient fueling for large vehicles with saddle tanks

Combines transactions on the master

Efficient use of fuel island space

Rugged corrosion resistant welded G90 galvanized steel frame

Matches Atlas profile - use with any master dispenser

Models Available
Model Number Description Type Hoses Products Register Pump/Motor
9216K Satellite Satellite 1 1 None N/A
9216KTW Satellite Satellite 2 1 None N/A


Product Features
  • Front Load Nozzle Position Only
  • All models come with a field wiring junction box for easy installation
  • 1-1/2” piping for Ultra-hi flow
Durability Features
  • Rugged Welded G90 Galvanized steel frame
  • Replaceable sheathing - painted or optional 304 embossed stainless steel
Component Options
  • External high capacity filters
  • External high hose retractor
  • Stainless Steel Doors / Panels