Electronic Fleet - 9850K Ultra-hi Flow Series

Electronic Fleet - 9850K

The Atlas® 9850K Series Ultra-Hi product is available in pump, dispenser, and combo models. It’s the right product when high capacity fuel delivery is required. Pair with the Atlas 9216K Satellite or TW3 Combo and fuel both saddle tanks simultaneously. Add the RS485 Interface or Pulse Output to communicate with the Gasboy Fuel Management Systems or other 3rd party controller for reliable and accurate fuel management. The welded galvanized steel frame provides a rigid platform for long life and durability. Talk with your Gasboy distributor to learn more.

  • Same reliable Gasboy electronics with Ultra-Hi flow capacity
  • Direct connection to Gasboy Fuel Management Systems / Easy integration with 3rd party fuel management systems
Models Available
Model Number Description Type Hoses Products Register Pump/Motor Flow Rating
9840K Super-hi Single Pump Pump 1 1 Elec 2 40 gpm
9840KX Super-hi Single Dispenser Dispenser 1 1 Elec N/A 40 gpm
9850K Ultra-hi Flow Single Pump Pump 1 1 Elec 1 50 gpm
9850KTW3 Super-hi Combo Pump Pump Combo 2 1 Elec 1 50 gpm
9850KX Ultra-hi Flow Single Disp Dispenser 1 1 Elec N/A 50 gpm
9850KXTW1 Ultra-hi Flow Twin 1 Disp Dispenser 2 1 Elec N/A 50 gpm
9850KXTW2 Ultra-hi Flow Twin 2 Disp Dispenser 2 2 Elec N/A 50 gpm
9850KXTW3 Ultra-hi Flow Combo Disp Disp Combo 2 1 Elec N/A 50 gpm
Features Options
Rugged Welded G90 Galvanized steel frame Gasboy RS485 Interface or Pulse Output for 3rd party controllers
Structural foam bezel with clear polycarbonate window and backscreen polycarbonate dialface  
All models come with a field wiring junction box for easy installation Lighted Brands / Dialface LED
Replaceable sheathing - painted or optional 304 embossed stainless steel Non-resettable mechanical totalizer (odometer type)
Vane pump - 1-1/2-HP motor Satellite piping - dispensers (S) and single pump models (PPS)
LC meter External high capacity filters
Side or Front Load Nozzle Position External high hose retractor
Reliable Gasboy electronics Stainless Steel Doors / Panels
Large 1” Backlighted LCD volume display - capacitive backup ATC for Canadian Market