EKOS by Gasboy | Remote Fuel Management for Fleets


EKOS is the end-to-end cloud based platform that provides Fleet Managers with visibility of their fleet equipment, fuel management processes, inventory monitoring, compliance, and reporting

Fuel Site/Inventory Management:
Easily monitor and know the status of your fleet equipment at a glance. By utilizing EKOS, Fleet Managers can efficiently and effectively monitor Fuel Sites and Inventory.

Bulk Fuel Management:
Easily order and dispatch bulk fuel for your sites. Centralized document repository to aide in reconciliation of bulk fuel orders and the ability to monitor bulk fuel quotes against a Fair Fuel Index.

Fleet Management:
Easily manage all aspect of your fleet – drivers, vehicles, cards, etc. Perform onsite and offsite transaction consolidation.

Keep your fuel site in compliance with the ability to keep and maintain all documentation in one, central repository

  • Fuel Control & Transaction Tracking
  • Fuel Card Acceptance – Local Auth or Networked
  • TLS – Basic Alarm & Delivery Reports
  • Manage all aspect of your Fleet – Drivers, Vehicles, etc.
  • Order/Dispatch Bulk Fuel Deliveries, Reconcile Invoices, & Manage Suppliers