Problem on a Pedestal: Simplifying Fleet Forecourts with Integrated Controls

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Problem on a Pedestal: Simplifying Fleet Forecourts with Integrated Controls

Pay-at-the-pump isn’t an option for most fleet drivers. Instead, they walk from their vehicle to a control pedestal and input their information to authorize fueling.

In retail fueling terms, it’s the equivalent of forcing the customer to walk inside to pay for gas when outdoor payment is readily available. Not only is that walk inconvenient, it often forces the driver to walk across busy forecourts, unnecessarily increasing certain safety risks.

This image demonstrates the required and wasteful driver motion from the dispenser to the pedestal and back to the dispenser again.

Driver safety is always a priority for commercial drivers and fleet managers. At busy fueling locations, it’s not ideal for drivers to walk around a forecourt to access a fuel pedestal. Dispensers with integrated fuel controls allow drivers to stay with their vehicles. Each fueling position on a pedestal-free forecourt has its own integrated user interface for authorizing transactions and collecting driver and vehicle information.

Fleet managers struggle with training new drivers, often at remote locations. Since most people are already familiar with retail fueling dispensers, integrated fuel controls allow faster training and a better onboarding experience for new drivers.

New drivers could find this fuel site layout confusing.  Drivers at the near island may not know to look for fuel control pedestal on the opposing island.  Drivers also need to be careful moving back and forth from one island to the next.

Click below for our whitepaper that explains how pedestal-free commercial fueling streamlines the jobs of drivers, operators, and the crews who install and maintain them.