Pedestal-Free Forecourts: The Future of Commercial & Fleet Fueling

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Pedestal-Free Forecourts: The Future of Commercial & Fleet Fueling

For professional drivers, fueling is part of the job – a routine and repetitive, yet necessary part of the job.

However, many drivers view it more as a necessary evil. 

On the retail side, forecourts, and backcourts are designed for the maximum customer experience. For the drivers using commercial fleet fueling sites, the process is not so quick and easy. Fleet drivers crave a simplified fueling experience, similar to their everyday gas station – pay, fill-up, get back on the road.

Commercial trucks move 71% of all freight in America. Commercial drivers buy nearly 13% all fuel purchased in the U.S. and log nearly 140 billion miles a year. Each one of those miles is tightly budgeted, fueled by economic demand and throttled by safety regulations. When every minute counts, drivers can’t afford to spend time walking around a fuel site when technology could put them back on the road faster.

The trend toward dispensers with integrated fuel controls seeks to alleviate the toughest pain points for drivers while remaining efficient and reliable for site operators.

Click here for our whitepaper that explains how pedestal-free commercial fueling streamlines the jobs of drivers, operators, and the crews who install and maintain them.