Cloud Connected: The Next-Generation Commercial Forecourt

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Cloud Connected: The Next-Generation Commercial Forecourt

It’s time for fleet fueling operations to cut the cords. No, we’re not talking about cable vs. Netflix – but it is time for operators to start leveraging cloud connectivity to make their businesses run smoother and smarter.

Traditional commercial forecourts are connected by cables buried under concrete, causing a multitude of complications and costs during maintenance and upgrade work.

The Atlas PRIME can be wired with CAT 5 cable from the customer network to each dispenser. However, installation can be more cost effective with wireless technology. These dispensers support point-to-point wireless devices that link the dispensers to the customer network, eliminating the needs to dig up the forecourt to lay cable.

The Atlas PRIME’s web-based interface allows seamless integrations with EKOS enterprise software. Two-stage authorization options allow validation of drivers and vehicles with any combination methods including: RFID tag, HID tag, card reader, FuelPoint, and keypad.

Click below for our whitepaper that explains how pedestal-free commercial fueling streamlines the jobs of drivers, operators, and the crews who install and maintain them.