Commercial Fleet Fuel Management

Fueling Systems & Management Solutions for Commercial Fleets

In commercial fleet management applications that demand accuracy, speed and simplicity of operation Gasboy solutions deliver the performance you need in a cardlock system. Our integrated fuel management systems deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of commercial applications, including taxi yards and delivery van depots. Gasboy systems offer the flexibility — for unattended fueling, remote fueling, automated fueling and more — that ensures they meet the demands of an application precisely and efficiently.

  • Fleet Management & POS

  • Islander PLUS Fuel Fleet Management System

    Islander PRIME

    Islander™ PRIME fleet fuel management system combines the functionality of the advanced web-based site fuel controller CFN PLUS and the sophisticated island fleet card reader ICR PLUS in a single package hardened for the fuel island. Integrates seamlessly with other systems.

  • TopKAT PLUS Fleet & Fuel Management System


    Economical, easy-to-use TopKAT PLUS is a standalone fleet and fuel management system that can be mounted directly on the Gasboy 9800 dispenser or pedestal. It can handle up to 50,000 devices and...

  • ICR PLUS Island Card Reader


    Gasboy’s ICR PRIME island card reader gives you lots of ways to control driver access to your fuel. Drivers can use codes, magnetic stripe cards, Mifare RFID tags or wireless vehicle identification systems that automatically capture VIN and odometer information...

  • Fuel Point PLUS – Wireless Vehicle ID System

    Fuel Point PLUS

    The Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS system uses radio communication to automatically identify vehicles that belong to your fleet. It also automatically captures odometer readings directly from the vehicle. So you can proactively manage preventive maintenance for your vehicles based on accurate...

  • Fleet Head Office Software

    Fleet Head Office Software

    The Gasboy web-based Fleet Head Office Software not only consolidates data from multiple sites and generates superior fuel management and fleet management reports, it provides an information backbone that helps keep your fleet running more efficiently. And of course, the...



    CFN™ PLUS is the heart of your total, turnkey Gasboy solution for fleet and commercial applications. It ties together your Fleet Head Office fleet management software, Atlas® dispensers, ICR PLUS island card readers, FuelPoint® Plus wireless vehicle identification system, and...

  • Commercial & Fleet Dispensers

  • Atlas 9100K Series Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas 9100K Series

    The Atlas® 9100K Series fleet fuel dispenser uses a traditional mechanical register and delivers dependable performance in nearly any fleet fuel management application. Standard-, high-, and super high-speed mechanical commercial dispensers are available in the Atlas 9100K Series. Using the...

  • Atlas 9800K Series Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas 9800K Series

    The Atlas® 9800K Series fleet fuel dispenser product line offers standard-, high-, super high, and ultra high-speed electronic commercial dispensers. When equipped with the satellite piping option, the 9800K Series dispensers may be paired with standard- or high-speed remote fleet...

  • Atlas E85 Fleet Fuel Dispensers

    Atlas E85 and Alternative Fuels

    All Gasboy Atlas® fleet fuel dispensers are designed to perform in the demanding fleet and commercial environment ― whatever the fuel. Durable suction pump models are built with heavy-duty, belt-driven pumping units, and every model features the industry’s most accurate...

  • 215A & 216A Series Satellite

    215A & 216A Series Satellite

    215A & 216A work with Gasboy master dispensers to let your drivers fill saddle tanks on both sides of their trucks at the same time. Located on the opposite side of the fueling lane from the master, the satellite helps...

  • Atlas® DEF dispenser

    Atlas DEF

    Integrating Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into your existing fleet management system is an exciting new business opportunity that’s easy with Gasboy. Our Atlas® DEF dispenser is designed with the user interface that’s already familiar to your drivers. And it uses...

  • Atlas AST Customized Pumping Solutions from Gasboy

    Atlas AST

    The industry’s only customized pumping solution that Weights & Measures can seal for custody transfer/retail sale applications. They can be part of your Gasboy complete, turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet product distributors and authorized service...

  • Above Ground Fuel Tank Monitoring System

  • Veeder-Root TLS-450 Fuel Tank Monitoring System

    Veeder-Root TLS-450

    TLS-450 is your comprehensive on-site compliance reporting system. The automated compliance management features of the TLS-450 help operators maximize uptime, reduce fines and cut costs. With the TLS-450, proving compliance is an automated process and reports are electronic, which makes...

  • Veeder-Root TLS-300 Fuel Tank Monitoring System

    Veeder-Root TLS-300

    TLS-300 is designed to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective tank monitoring system for non-retail commercial, industrial and municipal tank owners. The TLS-300 two and four tank configurable consoles offers the ultimate flexibility in up to four tank inventory...

  • Veeder-Root Tall Tank Fuel Tank Monitoring System

    Veeder-Root Tall Tank

    TLS-MAG-XL AST Gauging system is specifically designed for Above-ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) up to 54 feet tall. It’s versatile, affordable and backed by the same reliable service and support network Veeder-Root retail petroleum customers have come to trust. The system...

  • Below Ground

  • Red Jacket Submersible Fuel Pumps

    Red Jacket STPs

    Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) are the industry’s favorites for good reason. They deliver the fuel flow you need at an affordable price. And they’re designed for serviceability, safety, ease of upgrades, and impact on environmental compliance. Our experts...