Atlas 8700K Series - Mechanical Dispensers for Retail Operators

Mechanical retail pumps and dispensers - reliable, flexible performers.

The Atlas® 8700K Series offers a range of durable retail pumps, retail fuel dispensers, and a mechanical full-computer register. All are designed to deliver excellent performance in virtually any fueling application. Their galvanized steel-frame construction and superior corrosion resistance help ensure that performance for years to come. The remote fuel dispenser models have satellite-compatible piping to make the fueling of saddle tanks more convenient. Come see how Atlas retail fuel dispensers can work for you — just contact your Gasboy distributor.

  • Field-proven flow-through fuel meter / Provides greater accuracy and performance in contaminated fuel environments
  • Electric on/off switch on register / Means simpler, more convenient operation
  • Standardized footprint / Creates more efficient layout in use